Category and Taxonomy Meta Fields

Plugin to add custom meta fields within built in and custom taxonomies. Simply add the desired fields by going through WP-admin -> Settings ->Taxonomy Meta .

you can add following fields with category/taxonomy

  • Image.
  • Input Text.
  • Textarea.
  • Checkbox.

Feature :

  • Very simple in use
  • Can be customized easily.


  1. Unzip into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. If you’re uploading it make sure to upload
    the top-level folder. Don’t just upload all the php files and put them in /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to your WP-admin ->Settings menu a new “Taxonomy Meta” page is created.
  4. Go to your WP-admin ->Settings ->Taxonomy Meta displayed in the category modification form with the meta you configured.
  5. You can use the below function into your templates to retrieve all meta using ‘category id’:
if (function_exists('get_all_wp_terms_meta'))
   $arrayMetaList = get_all_wp_terms_meta($category_id);

// array all meta fields for category/term

where $category_id is category/term id .

  1. you can use the below function into your templates to retrieve any particular meta using ‘category id’ and ‘meta key’:
if (function_exists('wp_get_terms_meta'))
  $MetaValue = wp_get_terms_meta($category_id, $meta_key ,true); 

//meta value for meta key $meta_key
echo $metaValue; 


where $category_id is ‘category/term id’ and $meta_key is ‘meta key’.

Screenshot :


8 thoughts on “Category and Taxonomy Meta Fields

  1. With multisite when I go to category of the first site and full in the “term meta” fields all is ok. When I go to the dashbord of the second site and go to the category and then full in the “term meta” then I click “update” the category and after I again go to this category I see that the fields of “term meta” are empty.
    The plugin doesn’t work with multisite? Or how could I repaire the work of plugin?

  2. Hi Andrey Yamangulov,

    Thanks for choosing my plugin .
    Sorry, plugin doesn’t work with multi-site . I will update the featue in my next release .


  3. Nilam Nainvani

    I have used this plugin but its not working my site ..please give some solutions and how to use its syntax ,how to pass meta key give some example . thank you.

  4. Tom


    first I wana Thank You for your usefull Work.
    Niced Plug-In

    But I’ve got an issue. I think I did something wrong.

    I createt a Meta Key: text-area-cat, Type: TextAerea, Meta Taxonomy: Category.
    Under a certan category I did type Hello World, so I guess until there I did everthing right.

    I did place Code in archive.php. But The Category Text from textarea does not show up.
    Can you help?


    <?php the_archive_description( '’, ” ); ?>


  5. Plugin block some wp functions!!!
    for example
    In admin panel categories
    “Edit Properties Delete”
    block Properties

    Conflict with pligin Rich Text Tags, Categories, and Taxonomies
    block insert images
    Please fix it!!!!

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