Client Logo Carousel

Display client logos responsive carousel with the help of a shortcode in editor as well as template page. Having different carousel settings.

Features :

  • Simple and light weight
  • Fully responsive
  • Having different settings in admin
  • Ability to add client links to each logo
  • Auto slide option


  1. Upload the folder “wp-client-logo-carousel” to “/wp-content/plugins/” ‘
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress .
  3. Update settings for carousel going to wp-admin->WP Client Logo->Logo Carousel Settings
  4. Add client logo going to wp-admin->WP Client Logo->Add New Client Logo..
  5. Call shortcode to your wordpress editor directly, by using

Call shortcode to your php template file using

echo do_shortcode('[wpaft_logo_slider]'); 

Carousel By category

* To show logos from a particular category. We can call shortcode to our wordpress editor directly, by using

[wpaft_logo_slider category="SLUG OF CAROUSEL CATEGORY"]

* And we can call shortcode to our php template file using

echo do_shortcode('[wpaft_logo_slider category="SLUG OF CAROUSEL CATEGORY"]'); 

NOTE: Be sure the ‘SLUG OF CAROUSEL CATEGORY’ is the slug of category.

Screenshots :

27 thoughts on “Client Logo Carousel

  1. @Karen
    Thanks for choosing my plugin.
    In Carousel, images are sorted by created date in descending order . You can sort order by changing published date from wp-admin for every image(post)
    As I understand, You want setting to arrange the order of images from back end .
    Now this setting is not available in back end with carousel. For this , plugin needs customization.
    In next version, I will integrate this feature.

    Hope this will help.

  2. @Sonekka Osmar Lazarini-
    1. In editor, you can put shortcode


    directly .
    2. In any php file (where you want to show carousel .) use

    <?php  echo do_shortcode('[wpaft_logo_slider]'); ?>

    Hope this will help.


  3. Flick

    Hi Aftab, thanks for this plugin. It’s working well so far although it would be helpful to have more documentation on logo sizes, as there seems to be a slight overlap for the wider ones. Was wondering if you would be updating the plugin with version 2.0.0 (beta) of Owl Carousel? This new version seems to support looping. Thanks!

  4. obed

    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘category’ in /home/workwi94/public_html/originweb/wp-content/plugins/wp-client-logo-carousel/wp-client-logo-carousel.php on line 213

  5. Hi @ obed,

    It was a minor issue in plugin . I have updated plugin after resolving.
    You can resolve issue by changing in file wp-content/plugins/wp-client-logo-carousel/wp-client-logo-carousel.php

    Change line 213 –

    if($atts[‘category’] !=”){


    if( isset($atts[‘category’]) and $atts[‘category’] !=”){

    Hope this will help

    If you are still getting the issues i am always here for your help.


  6. Warbyrd

    Hi there 😀
    Very great Plugin – but how can I center the logos vertically?
    That feature / setting would be very handy – would it be a lot work to add?

  7. Someone asked “How can I open link on same page instead of new page”. Well this wold be useful for linking a logo or image to a page within the same web property. Can you say where in the php file this can be changed?

  8. Nice Plugin Aftab. Can you provide a php code snippet for showing the image/logo “Title” and/or “Caption” text? Thanks so much.

  9. audrey

    Hi Aftab,

    I am using your Client Logo Carousel plugin for WP, Thanks a lot, it is great !

    Just have an issue with SEO. Indeed, each logo image has a permalink that is visible in search engines results. That is annoying as people can access to a kind of draft page where you see the logo and some images relating to the WP theme. I installed Yoast SEO and add a Meta Noindex to each logo (I have already been waiting for 15 days), but the logos are still showing in google results.

Is there any other way to prevent this ?

    Thanks a lot for your help,

  10. Michael Simioni

    Hi Aftab,

    I’m getting great use out of your logo carousel plugin. Thanks!

    Are there any plans to allow for the logo title to appear in the theme font underneath the logo? I’m using the plugin to showcase the industries my organisation works with and am having to underwrite this in the photo.

    Thanks again,


  11. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for choosing my plugin.
    To show the title underneath the logo, there will small customization in plugin. These days I am bit busy . I will add the feature with next version of plugin.


  12. Diego

    Hi Aftab, thanks for your plugin is amazing.
    Can you say me how can I change the thext “prev” and “next”?
    I don’t found nothing in the plugin editor.

    Thanks again for all

  13. Hello Aftab
    I want to request your valuable ayusa.
    I am new to wordpress and shortcode management.

    For this I want to ask you:

    1. In what exact file of the editor should the shortcode be placed directly?

    2. If I want to show the carousel in the home of my site, what php file should I put this shortcode?

    Thanks for your valuable help

  14. kscheerders

    Hi Aftab,
    Thanks for the plugin! It works like a charm. However, after installing WP 5.0.3, the slider is gone. Is the plugin compatible with the newest WP version?
    Thanks, all the best,

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